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90-year-old Pickleball Enthusiast Nabs Myrtle Beach Volunteer Of The Year Award (Jan 15, 2014 Myrtle Beach, SC, Rena Grant’s mission when she moved to Myrtle Beach was to get seniors up and out. Grant’s volunteer work ranged from hosting senior dances at the Base Recreation Center and forming the senior volleyball and snowbird tennis programs to bringing pickleball – a paddle game akin to badminton and tennis – to Myrtle Beach. For pioneering the city’s pickleball program, she was named a Pickleball Ambassador by the USA Pickleball Association in 2009 and received the Pickleball Pioneer Award in 2010.

BCRC Pickleball Group Warms Cool Vinland Gym (Jan 12, 2014 Baldwin City, KS, The six people Thursday in the Vinland Elementary School gymnasium said they weren’t playing pickleball but polar pickleball. The gym in the closed school is the winter home of the Baldwin City Parks and Recreation Commission’s Thursday evening pickleball group. The gym offers more comfort than the group’s warm-weather site at the Baker University tennis courts on Grove Street, but it was in the 40s with the Baldwin school district keeping the temperatures low to limit heating costs.

Pickleball Palooza! The Most Popular Sport You’ve Never Heard Of (Jan 1, 2014 Lynchburg, VA , Judy Bowman wants to sell you pickleball. A former pro basketball player, Bowman came to Lynchburg to work at Liberty University. Now, as the USAPA (U.S.A. Pickleball Association) Ambassador to South Central Virginia, Bowman brings the same intensity to her chosen sport as she does to her chosen faith. “Pickleball for me is more than just a fun sport or a time to exercise,” she emphasized. To read entire story, go to page 17....

Trying Out A Fun Sport With A Weird Name (Dec 28, 2013 Rochester, NY, Democrat & Chronicle) For the longest time, I've had a hankering for pickleball. You've probably heard about this new sport with the weird name. It's kind of like tennis and kind of like ping pong, played on a court kind of like a badminton court. It's played with big paddles and a heavy wiffle ball. So basically, it's a lot like other sports ... but different.

The Place For Pickleball (Dec 28, 2013 Las Vegas, NV, On Dec. 12, Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Stavros Anthony officially opened five new courts for the sport at Durango Hills Park, 3521 N. Durango Drive. “We had these roller rinks put in a long time ago, and they weren’t being put to use. Nobody was coming out here,” Anthony said. “You try to create the activities that people want to play.”

Pickelball Picks Up Momentum In Mumbai (Dec 23, 2013 Mumbai, DNA India) Mumbai, India -- When one inches closer to the 40-age-mark, sports like tennis, badminton and table tennis becomes tough to play. Rakesh Mahla, 40, cardiologist and a tennis lover from Bikaner is no different. His body cannot keep pace while playing these games. But thanks to Pickleball, Mahla can now play a sport that is the mix of racquet sports. With a few slight adjustments. So much so that Mahla’s participating in the sport’s first national tournament under the All India Pickleball Association (AIPA) at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai.

Pickleball Becoming Favorite Sport For Many Baby Boomers (Dec 16, 2013 Houston, TX, Houston Chronicle) Baby boomers are famous for ushering in new trends, and although many of them are entering retirement, that hasn't stopped them. Many older adults have begun playing pickleball as a way to stay active, replacing longtime favorites such as golf and tennis as the go-to sport.

Heritage Christian School Soon To Be Steamboat's Latest Pickleball Spot (Dec 15, 2013 Steamboat Springs, CO, Steamboat Today) Steamboat Springs — On a warm Friday morning, it packed all the shouts of joy and grunts of frustration as tennis, all the sweating of a good jog and even the warm handshakes of a game well played. Pickleball looks like a mutated version of tennis, or pingpong on steroids: some sort of badminton, racquetball, wiffle ball hybrid.

Pickleball In Play As Popular Pastime (Dec 10, 2013 Kitchener, ON, Pouting pre-teens, ping-pong paddles, a patriarch named Pritchard and Pickles the pooch. These things have pooled to produce the planet-sweeping phenomenon of pickleball. Pickleball? I hadn't even heard of this pastime until my editor proposed this piece.

Inaugural Pickleball Tournament In Osoyoos Gets Rave Reviews From Many Visiting Players (Dec 4, 2013 Soyoos, BC, Close to 50 players from across the Okanagan Valley and beyond competed in the tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Michael Carter, the founder of TOPE and avid pickleball player who is trying to promote the sport across the province, said he was thrilled with the response to the first tournament held in the South Okanagan.

LEC Visitors Give Variety Of Sports A Try (Nov 30, 2013 Langley, BC, Pickleball was all the rage Saturday at the Langley Events Centre. Racquets in hand, kids and adults tried the unique sport, a hybrid between tennis, ping pong, and badminton. They bounced a whiffle ball back and forth over a lowered net during the Township of Langley-hosted Try It! Fair held inside the LEC’s Building B. The free annual event is part of Sports Day in Canada and is put on in partnership with the LEC, Pacific Sport, and the City of Langley. Basketball and pickleball were two of the more popular activities, Eby said, noting that pickleball will be included in the next BC Seniors Games hosted by Langley Sept. 9-13, 2014.

Pickleball Makes Its Club Debut At Utah State (Nov 25, 2013 Logan, UT, The fastest-growing sport in America has joined USU’s curriculum this year. Wallace Brazzeal, president of the Logan Pickleball Association, instructs the class. He said he is extremely excited about the school’s efforts to reach out to the sport, which was added to the curriculum to broaden the the variety of activities USU offers to its students.

Pickleball Gets Sun City Makeover (Nov 19, 2013 Sun City, AZ, New pickleball courts are being added to some of Sun City’s recreation centers to accommodate the growing needs of players. Along with Mountain View Rec Center, Marinette Recreation Center, 9860 W. Union Hills Drive, will have 16 courts added in 2014 to four existing ones, according to the proposed site plan provided by Sun City Pickleball Club President Alesia Brown. The new courts are coupled with a growing number of people playing pickleball.

Buckeye Hosts Largest National Pickleball Tournament To Date (Nov 13, 2013 Buckeye, AZ, Pickleball fans from across the country have converged on Sun City Festival in Buckeye this week to compete in Nationals Tournament, the largest such event to date. The event, which ends Sunday, Nov. 17, will determine the top players in 10 categories, including men, women and juniors as well as singles and doubles play. Championship games for the top men and women singles players are on Sunday.

Pickleball Puts Down Roots In Arvada With Eight-court Outdoor Complex (Nov 12, 2013 Arvada, CO, From a distance, they look like tennis courts. But among the crowd gathered outside the fences, there wasn't a fuzzy, green ball to be seen. Players were carrying perforated, white plastic orbs akin to Wiffle balls — pickleballs, to be exact. The Apex Park & Recreation District on Nov. 8 opened the gates to its new pickleball complex, the first outdoor pickleball facility of its size in the Denver area.

New Sport Comes To Town (Nov 9, 2013 Clayton, NC, To the casual eye, the sport might appear to be tennis: players lobbing a small ball over a net. But this is pickleball, the newest sport to come to town. In the spring, it will become part of the Johnston County Senior Games.

Pickleball Enthusiasts Break In New Courts (Nov 2, 2013 Bettendorf, IA, The whipping wind didn’t help matters much as wiffle balls blew over into neighboring courts and even over the fence. Still, that chilly November weather didn’t discourage the players who gathered at Kiwanis Park, 4223 Greenbrier Drive, Bettendorf, to break in the newly constructed pickleball courts.

Myrtle Beach Building Pickleball Powerhouse (Nov 1, 2013 Myrtle Beach, SC, If you want something done, call Rena Grant. And when you do, get ready to be inspired to get something done yourself. Oh yeah, also plan to hear about pickleball.

Get In On The Pickleball Craze (Oct 26, 2013 San Luis Obispo, CA, Pickleball was once called “the fastest growing sport in the country you’ve never heard of.” Not anymore. This very fun, very social, very ‘active’ game has grown exponentially since it was first introduced in 1965. A little over a year ago, you would be hard-pressed to find a Pickleball game being played anywhere on the Central Coast. Today, there are four venues playing Pickleball three or four times each week – Paso Robles Pickleball Club, Cambria Pickleball, Heritage Ranch Pickleball, and Pismo Beach Athletic Club Pickleball – and two or three more Central Coast locations are interested in starting the game.

Pickleball A Growing Trend In Wyoming County (Oct 25, 2013 Warsaw, NY, They assemble one evening on the tennis courts at the Perry Village Park, a soft but hollow sound filling the air as the ball connects with a paddle and flies over the net. But something’s different. Those aren’t tennis racquets, that's not a tennis ball, and the two-person teams are confined to only a portion of the court. What are they doing?

Pickleball Has Seniors Coming Out For The Fun (Oct 18, 2013 Stafford, VA, It’s a gloomy October morning in Stafford County and, while most people are stuck behind desks at school or work, four senior citizens are engaged in a rousing game of pickleball. Although they take each game very seriously, the players also encourage one another and share laughs.

Pickleball Takes Center Court - Sportsmanship Overcomes Competition (Oct 18, 2013 St George, UT, The pickleball athletic community is a unique one to say the least. For starters, participants are more than supportive to one another while their supporting friends and family members mingle with the other spectators during competitive matches. Now make no mistake, each competitor wants to win in the end, but they will show others gratitude and respect along the way. A great example of this was demonstrated in the men’s singles (50-54) championship at the Huntsman World Senior Games.

Pickleball Netting A Growing Number Of Fans Across North America (Oct 15, 2013 Toronto, ON, James Alberga has a warning for newcomers to the sport of pickleball. “Pickleball is very addictive,” he says, taking a break between games at Milliken Park Community Recreation Centre in Scarborough to chat. “Once you start playing it, you’re going to want to play every day.”

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS: Adventures In Pickleball (Oct 13, 2013 Eureka, CA, A fumbled catch during a junior high game of flag football sent me sprinting away from athletic competition forever. Since that painful moment, I've put a lot of effort into dodging any and all opportunities to embarrass myself. Curiosity, however, got the best of me when it came to pickleball. I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into my first pickleball experience, but I found a unique game that was fun, got my heart pumping and made a lifetime non-athlete feel like a champion. I just may be in love with pickleball. [USAPA file photo]

'Everyone Has A Blast' Playing Pickleball (Oct 11, 2013 Danville, IL, Late this spring, Denton Hird was cleaning out the gym of the Boys & Girls Club of Danville when he came upon some composite paddles, perforated plastic balls and a net. Now he and his friend, Blake Wasson, are planning to host a pickleball clinic in Danville to introduce the sport to a wider audience.

Excited About Pickleball: QC Organizers Host Packed Event As Courts Get Closer To Completion (Oct 11, 2013 Green Valley, AZ, As the courts get ever closer to being ready for play, excitement is growing for the new Pickleball club at Quail Creek. That was evident Wednesday night, when close to 100 people showed up at the Quail Creek tennis courts for the second “Getting to know Pickleball” event. “The response has been overwhelming,” David Kikel, a member of the board and court management supervisor said. “It’s been far bigger than we thought.”

Asheville Area Pickleball Enthusiasts Include Champion (Oct 11, 2013 Asheville, NC, Paul Coletta, 62, of Hendersonville, came away from the National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio, this year with gold, silver and bronze medals in different categories, but his chosen sport is one most people may never have heard of: pickleball. Pickleball champ Coletta says there’s some keen competition locally. “I find in this region players as skilled as any with whom I competed in both national pickleball tournaments as well as the recent National Senior Games,” he said. “Younger players of 25-35 years are also now entering the game in large numbers.”

Calling All Pickleballers (Oct 10, 2013 Neptune Beach, FL, Atlantic Beach Life Magazine) The fun sport---a combination of badminton, ping pong, and tennis---is growing in popularity locally. Maybe you should get pickled, too?

Adding Pickleball To Parks And Recreation Programming (Oct 4, 2013 Madison, WI, Pickleball is one of — if not the — fastest growing sports in the country. Originally popularized by a Boomer population looking for something a little more exciting than bingo but less time-consuming than a round of golf, the sport has made a generational jump and is catching fire among people of all ages. So what's standing in the way of parks and recreation programs looking to capitalize on this craze?

St. George Enthusiasts Find A Sweet Spot For Pickleball (Oct 2, 2013 St George, UT, Pickleball is seeing serious growth, especially in retirement havens such as St. George. The city recently opened a dozen courts at Little Valley, and the Huntsman World Senior Games, scheduled to kick off Oct. 7, has filled its 525 player slots, making pickleball the largest single-person sport at the two-week event.

Forest City Tennis Court Gets In A Pickle (Oct 2, 2013 Forest City, IA, Thanks to a grant from the Hanson Foundation, a Forest City tennis court has been converted into two Pickleball courts. The idea was brought to Forest City after vacationers experienced the game during winters in Arizona. “Pickleball is a big deal down there,” said Linda Kay, who helped apply for the grant. “It is going like gang busters.”

SCW Pickleball Complex To Nearly Double In Size (Oct 2, 2013 Sun City West, AZ, Pickleball is considered one of the nation’s fastest-growing sports and the populace of Sun City West is no exception, according to leaders of the community’s local pickleball club. Soon, the organization will have the facilities to match its growing membership.

Want To Play Pickleball? (Oct 1, 2013 Ogden, UT, Entrepreneur and philanthropist John Gullo had a heart attack in December of 2008. Following that experience, he discovered pickleball in St. George when he went there to recuperate. Gullo was so excited about the fun and simple health benefits, he wanted to bring that sport home to Ogden. “This is the best thing I’ve done to reach the most people,” Gullo said of pickleball and his many efforts to improve the area.

Refusing To Quit: Physical Activity Doesn't Have To Slow Down As Age Goes Up (Sep 27, 2013 Chattanooga, TN, "It's exciting to note that research studies repeatedly highlight the increase in mental well-being and memory in seniors who adopt a routine for weekly exercise." Tommy Gates has no plans to slow down when it comes to sports. The 55-year-old retired tailor, who uses a wheelchair for mobility as a result of post-polio syndrome, is a competitive pickleball and table tennis player. He also plays against able-bodied opponents.

Local Competitors Put Opponents In A Pickle At Senior Games (Sep 25, 2013 Concord, PA, Whether competing as individuals or partners, members of the Garnet Valley Gherkins pickleball team were a force to be reckoned with at the National Senior Games. Betty Allcorn, Young Kun, Rich Bernhard and Dave Hirst earned medals, ribbons and experience this summer during the weeklong event in Cleveland. The four locals were among the more than 10,000 athletes who participated.

Pickleball Picks Up Players, Pace In Pierre (Sep 25, 2013 Pierre, SD, Tom Farnsworth, director of the Pierre Parks and Recreation Department, said pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the community. “In Pierre, S.D., it has arrived and it’s popular,” Farnsworth said.

Paso Robles Man Earns Pickleball Medals (Sep 25, 2013 Paso Robles, CA, Paso Robles resident Jack Hodges returned earlier this week from the California State Senior Games with two medals in hand, a bronze and silver, after competing in singles and doubles pickleball matches.

More Sweet Than Sour (Sep 22, 2013 Westerville, OH, Most sport name origins are simple to deduce: Baseball utilizes bases and a ball, basketball uses a basket and a ball. The origin of Pickleball’s name is decidedly more obscure, but fortunately, that hasn’t hampered its popularity in Westerville.

Anyone For Pickleball? (Sep 20, 2013 Brecksville, OH, On a misty summer Friday morning, five men enter the courts behind the playground outside of the Brecksville Community Center and begin setting up a net, getting out rackets and unfolding chairs along the sidelines. These men are getting ready to play pickleball, a nationally known sport that has found increasing prominence in recent years....

Area Seniors Enjoy The Finer Points Of Pickleball (Sep 19, 2013 Farmington, MN, Dakota County seniors are in a pickle … and loving it. Pickleball courts and leagues have been sprouting out throughout the area and made its debut in Farmington last winter.

Pickleball: Funny Name, Oversized Paddles And Anybody Can Play (Sep 19, 2013 Chambersburg, PA, Pickleball has arrived in Franklin County. The game with the funny name played with oversized pingpong paddles has staked its claim on local courts formerly reserved for tennis. The Chambersburg Country Club officially will open the first outdoor pickleball courts in Franklin County Friday.

Pickleball Is Pickin’ Up Players (Sep 16, 2013 Denver, CO, Playing with mixed doubles partner Judy Livingston, Rick Marion of Delta serves during mixed doubles league pickleball. Marion is possibly the only wheelchair pickleball player on the Western Slope, but he hopes that changes as the sport grows in popularity.

Stoneham Resident Earns Title Of Pickleball Ambassador (Sep 13, 2013 Stoneham, MA, “Currently, there are over 100,000 players in the US and growing," said Peter Sullivan of Stoneham, local ambassador for the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). Sullivan is the local volunteer ambassador of pickleball who promotes the game in the Boston North area.

Pickleball Provides Exercise And Camaraderie (Sep 13, 2013 Chesterfield, MI, Pickleball: it’s a hybrid between tennis and ping pong and it’s a game local seniors cannot get enough of. Many of the players didn’t even know each other before they joined this New Baltimore Recreation Department league and now they all claim they are much more than teammates or competitors.

East Providence Resident Maynard Preaches The Virtues Of ‘Pickle Ball’ (Sep 13, 2013 East Providence, RI, Repatriating himself to East Providence after several years in Florida, city native Jim Maynard is hoping he can instill the fervent passion he picked up for a game quirkily named “Pickle Ball” to some folks in his hometown. “It’s a great way to stay in shape. It keeps you healthy,” Mr. Maynard said. “It’s not expensive. It’s not that difficult to learn, to pick up. It’s for all ages, really. It’s just a great sport.”

Let The Games Begin (Sep 12, 2013 Piqua, OH, ...the game of Pickleball - a variation of table tennis, tennis, and badminton played with a whiffle ball, composite paddles, and a net lowered to 34 inches at the center, on a court about a third of the size of a tennis court - has landed in the city via a series of new courts at Mote Park.

Popularity Of Pickleball Is Picking Up (Sep 10, 2013 Omaha, NE, Bill Holt is on the case. The sport's most committed cheerleader in Omaha and an ambassador to the USA Pickleball Association, the 73-year-old Holt is one of a couple of snowbirds who fell for the sport in Arizona and decided to raise its profile in Omaha.

A Game For The Masses (Sep 10, 2013 Albert Lea, MN, The sport of pickleball is gaining steam in Albert Lea. Terry Adams and fellow organizer John Bauernfeind began playing pickleball in Albert Lea last year with about five people. Participation blossomed to about 40 people this year, Adams estimated. “It crosses all age groups with men and women. We have people from 22 to 73 years-old playing,” Adams said.

Shelby Serves Up Pickleball Courts (Sep 9, 2013 Shelby Township, MI, Shelby Township’s River Bends Park is now host to a unique type of recreational activity. On Sept. 5, the sound of laughter, small talk and jovial heckling, mingled with the dull thwack of paddle on Wiffle ball, filled the park.

Pickleball Players Hope Sport Can Expand In Peoria (Sep 5, 2013 Peoria, IL, As the sport's local following has grown, the park district has included pickleball in 50 Rock programming, provides equipment for checkout, and indoor courts at Franciscan Recreation Complex. "I think it's already successful," said tennis convert Jim Stuckey, who now plays pickleball six days a week. "What we're lacking is really the improved (outdoor) facilities."

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