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El Dorado Ranch Pickleball Club
Hwy 5
San Felipe, BC, MEX
Latitude: 31.051168   Longitude: -114.873390
Contact: Dee Turner  541.993.1134   Send Email  

Outdoor Courts: 4  Private  Player Est: 140
Schedule: Daily and evenings starting at 0730 7 days a week. Fee: Free with a guest pass.
Comment: El Dorado Ranch is a private 37,000 acre retirement community 200 miles South of Yuma on the Baja with Pickleball introduced in Oct. 2006. We have 4 courts and a membership currently of 140 members.The public is welcome to play at no charge with a guest pass. See Dee Turner or the activities office at El Dorado Ranch. Dee can be reached at 541.993.1134(Oct to May) Membership: Bill and Debbie Malloy at 408.832.8381(US Cell) Updated: 2017-02-27 by Tom Starrs