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El Dorado Ranch
Hwy 5
San Felipe, MEX
Latitude: 31.051168   Longitude: -114.873390
Contact: Dee Turner  541.993.1134   Send Email  

Indoor Courts: 12  Outdoor Courts: 4  Private  Player Est: 180
Schedule: Daily and evenings starting at 0730 and 1800 hrs. 7 days a week. Fee: No charge to pickleball/ranch members. Non members pay 50 pesos to play.
Comment: (BC) El Dorado Ranch is a private 37,000 acre retirement community 200 miles South of Yuma on the Baja with Pickleball introduced in Oct. 2006. A pickleball resort community with 12 courts, pool, spa, restaurant and beach bar. March 2018 will be the 2nd annual International Invitational Tournament COPA CUP! Dee Turner can be reached at 541.993.1134 for tournament information, or go to for registration and information.

Membership: Bill and Debbie Malloy at 408.832.8381(US Cell) Updated: 2017-09-29 by Dee Turner